“Our Brotherhood is Etched in Stone”

Yesterday marked the beginning of this year’s Memorial Day Weekend, a holiday cherished by many and held sacred to few.  The few being the brothers and loved ones of those that were lost in combat.  I hold this day very close to my heart as we not only remember the brothers that were lost on the physical battlefield, but the brothers we lost on the mental battlefield as well.


Image Origin: www.americanmilitarynew.com

Matt Best, Army Ranger Veteran, posted a video yesterday that has touched the hearts of millions in the 24 hours it’s been live.  It is a solemn reminder that many veterans have walked and will always walk with their fallen brothers.  Please, take a moment to watch the video to remember the lives we celebrate this weekend.


Remember, this video is not to discourage you from having a good time.  I remember this from speaking to an old friend that is no longer with us.  He told me that if he were to die, he would want “the most insane” party held instead of being “another funeral.”

So, for all of you celebrating during this Memorial Day Weekend, do so with all the life in you.  Drink, be merry, and don’t hold back on the laughter and happiness that comes with this weekend.  By doing so, you only remind them that their sacrifices have brought security and happiness to your lives.

Happy Memorial Day Weekend Everyone!


Author: Patrick Skinner

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