A Deafening Amount of Passion in… Minot, ND?!?

Lesson 1:  Buy earplugs prior going to a rock concert…  Seriously, my ears are still ringing as I’m typing this.

Ok… Got that out of the way…

As many of you already know, I travel a great deal for work.  I get to visit everywhere from large metropolitan cities to tiny little towns in the farthest corners of the U.S.  As strenuous as it can be, I do the best I can to make these experiences as rewarding as possible.

I’m in Minot, North Dakota.
Pop Evil – Rolling Stones – Kryszak Photography

With a census of just below 50,000 people and surrounded by flat terrains for miles, this little city doesn’t seem to have much to offer at face value.  While driving around earlier today looking for some lunch, I drove by a small bar with a giant sign that read, “Pop Evil.”

DISCLAIMER: What you all may NOT know about me is that I love all things Rock Music.

To most of you, I’m sure this sign may have just confused you.  To me, this brought excitement and confusion.  Pop Evil is a popular American Rock Band out of Michigan with a several highly ranked hits.  They may not sound familiar, but if you’ve watched ESPN for awhile you may have heard their single The Last Man Standing featured during the SportsCenter broadcast.  I’ve been a fan of theirs for years.

Once my excitement subsided, confusion set in.  I thought, “What the hell are they doing in Minot, ND?!?”  Turns out that, despite this town being as small as it is, it has a very devout Rock community.  At this point, I adopted the local saying of “Why Not, Minot” and committed to going to the show.

And, let me tell you… it was totally worth it.

The venue could have only held no more than 300 people, and that’s being generous.  But, what that meant was that no matter where you stood, you got a front stage pass to the show.

Before the show started, I scouted the merchandise tables to see what other bands were going to be playing.  The first table I hit was a small table with a modest amount of merchandise with shirts that read No Resolve.  To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of them before. Regardless, I immediately bought a CD in support of the band; knowing the hardships of trying to make it as an up and coming music group.

This is a purchase I won’t soon forget…

No Resolve & Camera Jesus

Fast Forward a couple of hours, I stood at the left side of the stage and was able to watch No Resolve huddle up in preparation to begin their show.  It wasn’t very long after they took to the stage that I knew I was in for a treat.  This band that I never heard of quickly made me a fan.

Their performance made it very apparent that they loved what they were doing.  Each of them poured out their hearts and souls into giving a what was phenomenal show.  By the second song, they had me rocking out to their music that was, only moments ago, unknown to me.

After the show, the band was hanging out by the pool tables meeting with old and newfound fans.  I knew I had to meet these guys.  I walked up to the group and, without me even getting a chance to awkwardly say “hey, great show”, Oscar (Vocals) reaches out and greets me right away.

“Dude, I saw you and told myself, ‘I’m going to get this guy rocking and head banging with us’, and when I saw you rocking to our music, it felt so awesome.”

At this point, I’m stunned…

These guys, with thousands of miles touring inside what looked like an old Winnebago, sought out each individual in that tiny little venue and poured out everything thing they had to make them all believers.  It wasn’t about ticket or merchandise sales, it was simply about loving what they were doing so much that they wanted to make everyone around them believers.

That, to me, was a deafening amount of passion.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that much passion in what any individual was doing, even within myself.  It was truly inspiring.

Moral of the story:

If you truly believe in your own cause, do so with a passion that makes everyone around you believers.  But, it doesn’t end there.  If you see someone that exudes anywhere close to the amount of passion that No Resolve puts into their shows, become so much of a believer that you, yourself, are a consistent reminder as to why they are working so hard to accomplish their dreams.

Myself, No Resolve, and some random photobombing chick…

Thanks guys for making me a believer.  Can’t wait to see you guys in Dallas one day!



P.S.  Pop Evil – By no means do I mean for this article to take away from your performance.  It was truly amazing and wouldn’t hesitate at the slightest to see you guys again.  I’ve been a long time fan, so all I can say is ‘Thank You’ for introducing me to another group that I can watch grow with your help.  Also… Happy Birthday, Leigh!


Written by: Patrick “Patch” Skinner

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